Tunnel Vision

tunnel vision 2.png

A framed view of the lake, the sun shining just right through the shade-giving tree, a sailboat happily coasting the calm water and that slight breeze wafting through the garden. This is it. This is what you’ve been picturing yourself looking at for years to come. Your peace and quiet. Your happy place.

Never mind the six layers of flooring added lazily by previous buyers, the popcorn ceiling that most likely has asbestos, the crumbling walls, the missing duct work, the failing furnace and water heater, the shady looking electrical panel labeled in a foreign language and half the shingles on the lawn that should be on the roof. Never mind that. This view is all that matters.

Hate to break it to ya, but although location is a HUGE deal - we’re thinking you’ve got the case of the dreaded Homebuyers’ Tunnel Vision. As easy as getting the cold virus, but like strep throat - difficult to get rid of without proper treatment. Fortunately, for you, that’s what home inspections are for. We’re here to help you take a step back, demolish the tunnel, see the entire home with a level head and a much wider perception.

When making a large monetary and emotional investment, such as a “forever home”, Watch Dogs Home Inspectors can identify big ticket items that are immediately costly and smaller defects that can easily be set aside for fixing at a later date. We provide a detailed report that can help you prioritze your must do list so you can decide if this is the forever home you’ll be loving or the home you’ll be forever fixing.

Get your fix to Homebuyers’ Tunnel Vision by booking an inspection now via our website or call to speak with a representative.