Seller Disclosures

seller disclosures2.png

To waive or not to waive… Homebuyers all over the country ponder on this decision once contract due diligence dates are established. They call around, obtain price quotes and wince at the thought of having to spend another penny on this already pricey transaction. Ouch!

We get it. Homebuyers, this is probably your biggest investment, correct? Realtors, it is ultimately up to your client whether they sign that waiver, right? Besides, the seller has already disclosed everything you need to know - what can go wrong?

A LOT… A lot can go wrong. We’re not waving torches and pitchforks, yelling, “DOWN WITH THE SELLER DISCLOSURES!” In fact, seller disclosures are extremely helpful, even to us, the home inspector. The problem with depending solely on their information given is that the average homeowner is not a licensed and trained home inspector, contractor, plumber, roofer (you see where we’re headed here?). The information that is given is based on the best of their knowledge and sometimes bias - “It took me 8 hours to install that toilet via YouTube instructions, I know it’s done properly.” Eeek.

Moral of the story? Don’t waive the inspection. Homebuyers and realtors, alike- we’re here to help protect you with facts. Protect yourself and your clients with a home inspection with Watch Dogs Home Inspectors.

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