What to Look for When Buying a House

If you’ve ever been to an open house or toured a home then you’ve most likely marveled at different home layouts, lamented over beautifully designed kitchens or critiqued the color choice in the bathrooms. But beyond the veneer that makes a house shine to potential home buyers, have you ever wondered what could be lying below the surface?

Is the home you’re touring actually in good shape or are there hidden issues that only a trained eye can spot? Here’s your chance to learn what to look for when buying a house so you too can begin touring homes like a professional home inspector.

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Nothing says home luxury like a movie night in your own home theater with popcorn. Lucky you!! Unless it’s on the ceiling…

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Abigail Rigby
Tunnel Vision

A framed view of the lake, the sun shining just right through the shade-giving tree, a sailboat happily coasting the calm water and that slight breeze wafting through the garden. This is it. This is what you’ve been picturing yourself looking at for years to come. Your peace and quiet. Your happy place.

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What's Cookin?

Meth aka: Ice, Speed, Chalk, Crystal, Glass, Crank, Yaba, Fire, Tina, Tweak, Poor Man’s Cocaine, Uppers, Trash, Yellow Bam, Methlies Quick, Stovetop, Go-Fast is one of the most addictive substances that takes a mugshot from the more common angry/sad-I-just-got-arrested photo to “Whoah. What the fuuuuudge happened to their face?” Shortly, after the question, you come up with the conclusion that the criminal in question was in fact, addicted to Meth.

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Home Renovation Just Like That One TV Show

Foundation cracks, broken windows, a blown out roof(…from the inside?), abandoned furniture, police caution tape strung about like confetti….and what is that AWFUL smell? There are many that would steer clear of this property, but not you. No, you see character, a chance to install those antique windows you found at the flea market, a possible skylight in the master bathroom (thank goodness for that hole in the roof or you would never have thought of it!). You picture the great parties you’ll be hosting, entertaining your friends, showing them room by room what a great design eye you have. They will ooh and aahh as they marvel at how quickly you’ve transformed the home. You’re very own fixer upper. It’ll be just like tv… *insert dreamy sigh and pictures of shiplap here.

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